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JC Renew is an exclusive personal training studio catering for individuals that are looking for that personal experience. People who look for qualified & experienced trainers that have the knowledge, the will, the passion and drive to motivate them to achieve their goals while keeping it an experience so enjoyable that they would want to come back for more.

This is not a crowded gym facility where one stand in line waiting for equipment, there is a controlled number of clients training at any specific time to make it a pleasant & productive experience.

The facility has been open since April 2009 and was the brain-child and dream of Joan Venter.

Personal trainer at various gyms for many years, her mission was to create an exclusive, comfortable, well equipped studio covering the full spectrum of services needed to help an individual achieve their health & fitness goals.

With a continuous waiting list and fully booked trainers, it is obvious that this mission has become a reality and a much sought after experience.

Feel free to view our gallery to get some insight into this facility and the people associated with it.

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